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Exosphere: At which point she'd had quite enough of this emotional rebellion by her body. She sat cross-legged on the carpet, closed her eyes, and sought the calm-triggers taught to her in high school- laying cooling blankets over her thoughts, using biofeedback to drain away the tension.



Lithosphere: Funny - he'd been taught all that biofeedback stuff back in school, and drilled in it again here in training. But right now he just couldn't spare the time to use any of those techniques, not even to stop the pain!

Status: Real



Meditation has taught the principles of simple bio-feedback for centuries to relax and reduce tensions.


This uses natural endorphins to encourage the right attitude, which could have potentially adverse social ramifications (see Dazers)


More intriguingly, though, researchers at Stanford University have recently had substantial success in using games to teach people to avoid dangerous mental states that could lead to depression[1].



[1] Brain-training games stop depression before it starts , New Scientist, Nov 1, 2011


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