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Crust: Remi blinked. They were being scanned again, and it wasn't just somebody's True-Vu this time, but real eavesdropping...

It was just one thing after another! Remi felt like a caged tiger. Hell even tigers got more privacy, nowadays in the wildlife survival arks than a young guy ever got here in Bloomington.

Status: Likely

While we haven't yet reached the ubiquitous surveillance levels described in Earth, the technology and the will to use it is certainly present.

Big Brother?

Not necessarily, especially if the ability to 'watch the watchers' is allowed (aka 'sousveillance').

Of course, social mores can be just as proscriptive as any government and, if everyone is, or could be watching you, is it any wonder that someone with a streak of rebellion, or even a simple idiosyncracy, is going to feel hemmed in?

If this is you, then the ability to stare right back into the disapproving void is going to be a useful survival skill.


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