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David Brin said

at 3:02 pm on Mar 21, 2009

"A quarter-century ago, American rocket scientists proposed the "Star Wars" defense system to knockout Soviet missiles with laser beams. They are now aiming their lasers at another airborne threat: the mosquito. In a Seattle lab, researchers watched a glass box of bugs. Every few seconds, a contraption 100 feet away shot a beam that hit buzzing mosquitoes, one by one, with a spot of red light. This particular test used a non-lethal laser. But the Cold War missile-defense strategy will soon be reborn as a WMD: Weapon of Mosquito Destruction. [...] Technology might one day draw a laser barrier around a house or village that could kill or blind the bugs...." EXACTLY AS PORTRAYED IN "EARTH" (1989)
Taser has launched a wearable computer, called Axon, that will let cops record every minute of their day and upload it to a secure website. From there, they can share their favorite memories with friends, family, and jurors.<i> "Our Axon and Evidence.com technology will be a lifeline to protect truth," says Steve Tuttle, the VP of Taser. For years, cops around the world have been accused of being a little too eager to reach out and stun someone. The new camera is head mounted, so it will record everything the user lays his eyes on. Each headset plugs into a Linux powered computer or just plug the recorder into the Synapse docking station, and all of the evidence will be automatically uploaded to Taser. </i> Explicitly predicted in both EARTH and The Transparent Society.

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