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p 335-337

World News: "In the ongoing ... confrontation between the International Fish and Fowl Association and the animal rights group known as 'No-Flesh', a surprise development today. To the amazement of many, the Hearth enclave of the North American Church of Gaia has intervened in the world's largest organisation of duck hunters...

'...in this case, neither hunting, nor the consumption of animal tissue harms our Mother...'"


Contrary to our initial expectations, we have determined that the IFFA duck hunters have been the most ardent supporters of conservation: spending millions to buy up and preserve wetlands, pursuing polluters and poachers, and regulating their own activities admirably.'"


Biosphere: Nelson Grayson was having trouble grasping 'cooperation' and 'competition'. The two words were defined as opposites, and yet his teacher claimed they were essentially the same thing.


Status: Confirmed

The circumstances under which two memes may conflict in one area, and yet co-operate in another is a theme that permeates the entire novel. It's contemplation is what gives Jen Wolling her insights into a working AI model, and all that follows from that.



It may not amount to the same level of acknowledgment that is made by the fictional Church of Gaia spokeswoman, but a united front against a common enemy is a start(1).


Contrary Brin Comment:

Cooperation and Competition in evolution. NY Times article reminded me of "Earth". (2)



  1. The Emerging Environmental Majority reports on the cooperation between environmentalists and hunting groups in defeating a bill to open more public land to industrial and mining interests.
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/31/science/31prof.html 

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