Holosphere: Good morning, Professor Welling. During the last twenty four have received six letters and thirty five message blips from individuals on your auto-accept list. Sixty five more letters and one hundred and twelve entered into your general delivery box on the Net.


Status: Confirmed

Spam is not specifically referred to, but the above extract gives an indication of its presence in the world of 2040.


There are those who would consider Professor Welling fortunate in that only 112 messages were marked 'general delivery' by her online secretary! Of course, Hypersecretary Sri Ramanujan is inferred to be very sophisticated, and may have quietly binned the more blatant prosthetics enhancements without comment.



Some estimates put the level of spam as comprising the majority of network traffic! While much serves the purpose as global junk advertising, an increasing amount serves more sinister purposes: scams or 'phishing' exercises, seeking opportunities for identity theft. Yet more act as carriers for trojans and viruses.