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p 141:

Core: "Yet more Chinese piled off flywheel buses just ahead of Alex's little car. wearing garish sunhats and Tru-Vu goggles that simultaneously protected the eyes and recorded for posterity every kitsch purchase from friendly concesssionaires touting 'genuine' New Zealand native woodcraft "


Confirmed (see also Citizen Reporters)



cheap high resolution digital cameras, coupled with mobile communications and the easy availability on massive data storage (2009: drives of 1Tb are now available off the shelf for around hundred dollars or so) make this technically feasible to the dedicated amateur now.


Apart from recording experiences for posterity, such devices can act as a witness in resolving disputes.


In May 2006, it was reported that DARPA was experimenting with 'sensors' to record and review events that occur in a  soldier's patrol.


In March 2009, Taser launches a wearable computer, called Axon, that lets cops record every minute of their day and upload it to a secure website. From there, they can share their favorite memories with friends, family, and jurors. "Our Axon and Evidence.com technology will be a lifeline to protect truth," says Steve Tuttle, the VP of Taser. For years, cops around the world have been accused of being a little too eager to reach out and stun someone. The new camera is head mounted, so it will record everything the user lays his eyes on. Each headset plugs into a Linux powered computer or just plug the recorder into the Synapse docking station, and all of the evidence will be automatically uploaded to Taser.



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