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on June 6, 2008 at 7:20:15 am

If you've got a snippet of information, but don't know how to present it, just dump it in here.


Someone will get around to it in due course.

Snippet from Contrary Brin comments (Yeah! I know, there's a few more... so why don't you find them?):


You mention at one point that Daisy McClennon's income comes from digital restorations of old movies, and also editing some old "languid classics like The Terminator or Delieverence" into shorter films to fit the time spans of the modern person. So imagine my surprise when I found "The 10 Minute Theater" and its version of The Terminator.





While I am at it. Here are three more that folks wrote in with, that I don't think ever made it onto that wiki. If anyone would care to...


Earth mentions "Trillion Trees" reforestation project... Now a "Billion Trees" project has been announced:






UK Officers Wear Brin's Tru-Vu Lenses.




EARTH portrays a character grabbing a file folder and pulling out a data sheet and feeding it into a "sheet reader"... a much more convenient for of storage than a spinning disk. Now see:


Store 256GB on an A4 sheet Techworld Nov. 24, 2006 - New "rainbow technology" allows

data to be encoded into colored geometric shapes and stored in patterns on paper or or plastic sheets at a density of 2.7GB per square inch and and then played back through a computer with a special scanner attached....



Sorry about the self-plug, but "prediction markets" are suddenly hot and it'd be nice to have a place to point folks to!


In fact, "Other (non-EARTH) predictive hits" would be a great fannish thing for someone to do! ;-)

At the risk of repeating ourselves:



EARTH also forecast a version of “augmented reality” overlays on the visual-real world, wusing “Tru-Vu goggles”... which appear now to be coming true. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/01/technology/personaltech/01glasses.html?ex=1367380800&en=ba7bf737e4faf952&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink


See also: “UK Officers Wear Brin's Tru-Vu Lenses.” http://www.technovelgy.com/ct/Science-Fiction-News.asp?NewsNum=834



Other techie items foreseen in that novel:


(1) the “subvocal” input device is coming closer to reality, allowing mere nerve impulses sent to the larynx to be read and interpreted as speech. http://technology.newscientist.com/channel/tech/dn13449-nervetapping-neckband-allows-telepathic-chat.html?feedId=online-news_rss20


(2) How dedicated are you to using a Bluetooth microphone with your phone? Are you dedicated enough to drill a small hole in your teeth to install a tiny microphone? Tooth-implanted control systems. http://gizmodo.com/374120/tiny-bluetooth-microphone-goes-in-a-hole-drilled-in-your-teeth


(3) Movie characters from the Terminator to the Bionic Woman use bionic eyes to zoom in on far-off scenes, have useful facts pop into their field of view, or create virtualLcrsshairs. Off the screen, virtual diplays have been proposed for more practical purposes -- visual aids to help vision-impaired people, holographic driving control panels and even as a way to surf the Web on the go. Both Brin and Vinge proposed putting such displays along the inner edge of contact lenses. Now a device to make this happen. Engineers at the UW have for the first time used manufacturing techniques at microscopic scales to combine a flexible, biologically safe contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights. 1/08 http://uwnews.org/uweek/uweekarticle.asp?visitsource=uwkmail&articleID=39100


(4) ”H oly Crap! I gotta say, Dr. Brin, when I first read the bit in "Earth" about people using realtime brain scans to do enhanced meditation/yoga, I rolled my eyes. yeah right. Never happen. Only now... see this TED Talk 3/2008 by Christopher deCharms: Looking inside the brain in real time.” http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/236


(5) Freighters helped along by giant kite-sails!


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