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Eyeglass Cams

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"Watching, all the time watching . . . goggle-eye geeks."


"The very moment they came into view, the old women laid her wire-knitting aside and fixed them with the bug-eyed opaque gape of her True-Vu lenses."




 "True-Vu put a stop to purposeful crime..."

Status: Confirmed

The inevitability of a universal and open surveillance system has been one of Brin's long-standing themes. This particular prediction covers the online storage and retrieval of personal experiences, for use in evidence.

See also LifeCaching.



It only needed the technology to bring it to reality...

Starting with survellance cameras decorating every lamp post,

We now have police officers  trialling this equipment in the London Met, and Taser's Axon. 


If that were all, then Banksy would have a point. However, the watched can watch back with equal facility:

  • digital cameras and videos are now freely available and have  awesome resolution and storage capacities.
  • all modern mobile phones have the ability to capture images of reasonable resolution.
  • people are experimenting with 'life-caching', the latest example being a person who is seeking to install a camera in his eye socket.


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