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Crust "But even though no geeps* were watching now, dozens must have recorded both parties converging on this spot... chronicles they'd happily zap-fax to police investigating a brawl after the fact."


*geriatric person (see SeniorWatch)

Status: confirmed



The technologies that are collectively referred to as Web 2.0 make us all potential witnesses able to give expression to the events we see around us.


A blog may act as a record for personal matters, or for recording thoughts to share about a hobby, or for a soapbox for promoting a cause.


Photographs and videos may be stored online for others to view and comment on. Project Witness makes it possible for abuse in the workplace and home to be recorded, and reported.


For good or ill, traditional forms of reporting media are becoming increasingly sidelined, a phenomenon recently dicussed by Clay Shirky (on a blog, of course!)



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  2. Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable: Clay Shirky, March 2009