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Core: Most shops bore signs in International Ideogrammatic Chinese, as well as English, Maori, and Simglish. And why not? The Han were only the latest wave of nouveau moyen to suddenly discover tourism. And if they engulfed all the beaches and scenic spots within four thousand kilometres of Beijing, they also paid well for their hard-earned leisure.


Core: By then, the Han would have gotten used to it all. They'd be sophisticated individual travellers, like the Japanese, Malays, and Turks


Status: Confirmed



"So far, only an estimated 2 percent of China's population ventures abroad each year, according to a recent report on China tourism by CLSA Emerging Markets in Hong Kong. But the World Tourism Organization predicts that China will become the fourth-largest source of overseas tourists by 2020.


Groups from China began traveling to Europe last year.


And if the United States agrees to grant visas to China's tourists, analysts say it will undoubtedly be a top draw."(1)




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    1. Which report? Needs Citation. 
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    1. Page no longer available 


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