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__p 578:__

Noosphere: Sepak wasn't the only one who was staring. For days they had played hide-and-seek, his jungle savvy against their high-tech sensors, they in blur-weave armor, he in loincloth and feathers.


Status: Likely

While not a prediction in the 'you heard it first here' league, Earth does include a passing reference to stealth technology and, since the novel involves itself with secrecy and transparency to a large degree, it is worth a mention (besides, cloaks of invisibility are pretty cool!)



A principle that bends electromagnetic waves around an object and reconstructs them on the other side has now been demonstrated to be effective... for microwaves(1). Visible light, requiring a thousandfold increase in resolution and fabrication, will have to wait until nano-fabrication techniques mature. Current estimate is 10-15 years.


Whether the technique can be applied to clothing is another imponderable. Meanwhile, I'm sure the military aviation industry is very interested in current developments!



  1. 'Experts create invisibility cloak': 'http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6064620.stm

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